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Known for her eclectic ideas and styles, Daljit Sudan has been revered after her official debut at Nepal Fashion Week 2014.

Born and brought up in Kashmir, Daljit grew up surrounded by Kashmiri art and culture. Her fascination with Kashimiri aesthetics and her love for detailed craftsmanship translated into the creation of her brand about 10 years ago. 

The Classical Craft of Kashmiri Tilla: 

The classical embroidery ornamentation has been a taste of royalty since times immemorial and has been chosen by the women of elite across centuries. Its glittering hues have been used to cast their spell over traditional Phirans, shawls, stoles, sarees and more. Because of their undiminishing class and sheen, Tilla embroidered pieces form an integral part of every Kashmiri bride’s trousseau.
We bring an authentic drift of rich weaved and heritage revival.
At Daljit Sudan, we aim at preserving & giving perfect amalgamation of ethnic craft of tilla with modern sensibilities. Redefining elegance & traditional silhouettes with graceful fluidity.

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