Showcased at Nepal Fashion Week 2017

A time of rebirth, after the long, dreary nights huddled under the warmth of a blanket and hot kawha. This is a period of transition that marks the end of dullness and heralds vibrant sights and sounds. It is a time when you purposely throw open the windows to listen to the melodies of the cuckoo bird and breathe in fresh, crisp air. Spring brings forth hope and colors; a time when mother earth gets nurtured with the precursory gush of white snow and is ready to give birth to newness.

Small, blooming green almond blossoms and flowers erupting through the melting snow followed by the budding of cherry, pear, and apple herald this interlude. Mesmerizing lush green meadows and lofty mountains appear from the layer of white that cover it.

This delightful season is celebrated with equal zeal and grandeur – which is why it is also called Navroz. It is the start of the Persian New Year or, also known as Navroz – ae – Alam.